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How to make a brick rocket stove for $6.08

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If you can stack bricks, you can make an effective biomass rocket stove. The materials are cheap, and readily available. Most important, it is a very simple survival skill to learn.
To read the story: http://www.survivalcommonsense.com/make-a-brick-rocket-stovefeed-make-a-brick-rocket-stove-for-emergency-survival-situations/
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Text Comments (733)
Survival Common Sense (9 months ago)
Arad Seyed (1 month ago)
How hot can this one become, can i use it to melt aluminum or tin?
Onthebay1 (2 months ago)
I have extra bricks that I want to use to try this but they are house
bricks w/ holes through them. They have a flat, smooth side for the
inside, but really light. I think they are ceramic material. Can't find
where anyone else has tried these kind of bricks for a stove. I don't plan
to use the stove a lot. I just want to try this once; after that, I would
only use in case of an emergency I suppose. Any thoughts on using these
types of bricks for a stove?
Emmanuel Brown (3 months ago)
There is a type of brick called fire bricks that are made for high heat
long term use. Also I I advise using hard wood instead of pine
sticks/lumber scars like you are using in the video as it pine can change
the taste of food when used to cook with.
1994abbygirl (3 months ago)
Is there any truth that bricks can explode when they get really hot?? Also
I wonder how one of those ovens would work on it! Looks awesome though!
Toseland Canon (1 month ago)
VDP57 (1 month ago)
If the 1/2 brick on the first layer was moved to the corner closer to you,
you would then be able to overlap all the seams on the second course.
MrSputato (3 months ago)
Different size bricks as long as they are the same size ?
TheHatr3d (6 hours ago)
Lol I'm using legos to make a blue print!
G Davidson (1 month ago)
Need to partially cover the pan to bring it to the boil quicker.
Christine TheCat (2 months ago)
Sam Stone (1 month ago)
The cinder block will not stand the heat under even moderate use, you
really need ''fire brick,'' they cost more but will last a lifetime.
Susie P (4 months ago)
I will be building one this coming week. Thanks.
Topolina1967 (3 months ago)
King Marsh619 (2 months ago)
Colby Forbes (4 days ago)
Seems like a good idea but I almost think it owuld be better if it was a
bit bigger! Putting would and removing seems like a nightmare!
Nur Kholik Tobroni (8 months ago)
same way to make indonesian traditional stove, i live in java. we call it
"tungku geni"

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